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Do-It-Yourself Refill Liquid Instructions

It’s fun and easy to make your own personalized Refill Liquid! Being enthusiastic and innovative personal vaporizer users ourselves, we realized the need of having everything you need to mix your own Liquid in one place.

We provide you the ingredients, tools and some basic instructions and YOU provide the creativity to satisfy your own flavor desires. It’s your choice, have fun with it!

Basic steps for mixing your own Refill Liquid:

If handling nicotine, please use protective gloves and exercise caution. If nicotine comes in contact with your skin, rinse the area immediately and thoroughly.

First you need to decide what Liquid base you would like to use.

We provide you the choice of using either Propylene Glycol or Vegetable Glycerin. The bases we provide allow you to produce the maximum amount of vapor without clogging your atomizer.

Propylene Glycol is the traditional base used in most commercially produced Liquid. It is an organic compound that is faintly sweet. Propylene Glycol is generally safe; however inhalation of propylene glycol mists may cause respiratory tract irritation in some individuals. For those that may be sensitive to a Propylene Glycol based Liquid, we offer Vegetable Glycerin as a wonderful alternative. It is non-toxic, non-irritating and non-allergenic. It is a very sweet syrup; almost as sweet as sugar.

After deciding which base is right for you, you need to decide whether or not you want nicotine in your Refill Liquid. For some, using personal vaporizers with zero nicotine cartridges is satisfying.

For a zero nicotine Refill Liquid, mix your chosen base with the LorAnn Flavors - Candy Oils of your choice. Be creative! Love Smoores? Combine our peanut butter with marshmallow and chocolate hazelnut LorAnn Flavors for a tasty personal vaporizer experience! Want a minty tasting Refill Liquid? Add a Menthol Crystal for a fresh minty flavor. The possibilities are endless! LorAnn Flavors - Candy Oils are intense, so start by adding just a drop or two into your base. The more you add, the more intense it will be!

We recommend that you fill our eyedropper bottle halfway with your chosen base and then add the LorAnn Flavors of your choice. After reaching the desired flavor result, close the cap and shake to mix thoroughly. Our childproof eyedropper bottle comes with its own dropper to easily fill either a blank cartridge or to enhance an already flavored cartridge with your customized Refill Liquid. (Do not add your customized Refill Liquid to a full / new cartridge, as this may overfill your cartridge and damage your atomizer)

However, for others who would prefer nicotine in their Refill Liquid, we recommend that you choose one of our FS Classic or FS Deluxe Refill Liquids (which contain nicotine) to be added to your chosen base. Remember that if you want a higher nicotine content, you should start with a higher nicotine strength Liquid because the addition of your chosen base will reduce the nicotine content of your Refill Liquid.

We recommend that you begin creating your customized nicotine Refill Liquid by filling our childproof eyedropper bottle a quarter-way with your chosen base. Then add another quarter of our FS Classic or FS Deluxe Refill Liquid. Choose the Liquid that is closest in flavor to what you want your end result to be. Finally, you can intensify, blend or alter that original flavor by adding our LorAnn Flavors - Candy Oils. Replace the cap, shake thoroughly and enjoy.

To retain the nicotine level and customize the flavor of an Refill Liquid, simply add a drop or two of LorAnn Flavors - Candy Oils or a Menthol Crystal directly into a Classic or Deluxe Refill Liquid bottle. Love peanut butter cups? Combine a chocolate flavored Liquid with a LorAnn peanut butter flavor!

Our Liquids contain nicotine in amounts which could be dangerous if used improperly or if consumed by minors or pets. Store Refill Liquids in a safe place. Do-It-Yourself Refill Liquids are mixed and used in your personal vaporizer at your own risk. By placing your order for these products you assume all responsibility for the safe handling of these products. The use of personal vaporizers by pregnant women and minors is not recommended or allowed. Liquids used in a personal vaporizer have not been proven as safe by the FDA at this time. While the individual ingredients (propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin and nicotine) are recognized as generally regarded as safe for human consumption, we cannot attest to the safety of using these products in personal vaporizers. We ask you to exercise personal caution when using these products.  

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